Moshi Moshi?

One Jet's journey to karaage

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While the modern bridges of Japan’s Iya Valley are a wonder all on their own, a bit more impressive are the areas vine bridges. Made mostly from wisteria vines, visitors can cross the very old bridges for a small fee. Also nearby is this statue of a Peeing Boy tourists really like. 

I want to go here! Shikoku JETs… have you been? Looks amazing! Minus the peeing boy statue, wtf.

no but it’s on my list 

Haven’t been yet but I plan on making a trip this year! Some of my friends have been and say it’s amazing.

We went with moshetei two years ago to the vine bridge. It’s pretty cool, but the river under it is incredible. I was kicking myself for not having my swim suit on because it was a wonderful place to swim. Inner Shikoku in the mountains is just gorgeous!!

This place was awesome and the peeing statue was good too!!!!!